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Friends, more commonly known as Quakers, share the same core beliefs as our fellow Protestant denominations. That is, we believe in the one true God who sent his Son, Jesus Christ, to save the world and to bear our sins upon his cross. There is no eternal salvation except through Him. We preach and teach the Gospel without apology. So what makes our faith different from some other Protestants?


Friends believe that the Christian faith can only reach its fullest potential through a personal and intimate relationship with Christ. Through this relationship He provides direction for our daily lives and enables us to interpret the Holy Scriptures. 


Friends believe in baptism by the Holy Spirit rather than baptism by water. While we do not condemn the act of immersion in water, we simply emphasize that salvation does not  depend on a single act such as this. Similarly, Communion consists of "communing" with God in a very personal way. We should be in constant communion with Him as a part of our Christian walk. This is why, rather than partaking of bread and wine, we include in our services a time of open worship to provide Friends an opportunity to seek the presence of the Holy Spirit and to share what He may lay upon our hearts. 


Friends believe that all human life is sacred and convey a testimony of peace to that end. We believe that all of God's commandments, including love and peace, hold complete authority over any government or principality. Friends strongly pursue a peaceful resolution in times of conflict and war.


These are just some of the beliefs of Friends. If you would like to learn more about our faith and the history behind them, please visit the links below.








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