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Holly Spring is very blessed to have facilities and land for the enjoyment of our members, guests, and the community. We are in the process of planning and developing our land as God leads. Our land, pond, etc is known at this time as the “Holly Spring Park”. Monthly Meeting approved a list of “Park Rules” to be observed by members, guests or groups using our land and facilities.


All members are asked to review the “Park Rules” and sign the second page. Please keep the first page for your own information and return the signed second page to the secretary.


We want this resource to be a blessing to the members of Holly Spring as well as those outside of our Meeting. Please be aware that at this time, the proper procedure for using the land is to notify a trustee, so that they are aware of who is using the land and for what purpose. This helps insure that our pine seedlings are not damaged and prevents conflicts with land usage. If a member, guest, or group would like to use the land for an activity or personal enjoyment, please contact the Holly Spring Friends Meeting Church Office (336-879-3136) and we will get you in touch with one of our trustees:  Jeff Maness, Randy Cheek or Lloyd West.


Share Your Vision: The draft of the master plan of the Meeting’s property is available for viewing in the library. The Vision Committee prepared this plan based on survey results from members. The Vision Committee invites everyone to review the master plan and offer feedback to the committee.


Thank You,


The Vision Committee

Holly Spring Park

Rules and Use Form

Please enjoy our

Hiking and Biking Brochure 

designed to educate and interest anyone to

come and visit the

Holly Spring Park.

Please contact a Trustee before entering

the Park.  

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