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The Society of People called Quaker, migration southward into the Piedmont Carolina area...


Records read as early as 1672.  George Fox and William Edmundson visited this area, thus sowing the seeds that were to become Holly Spring Friends Meeting.


Originally a deed of 50 acres was made to Benjamin Cox for the use by the Society of people called Quakers, signed by Governor Caswell in 1787.  Later, Benjamin Cox transferred title to the trustees of Holly Spring after Cane Creek Meeting set up Holly Spring as a Preparative Meeting in 1790.  The reference to Holly Spring Meeting appears in the minutes of Cane Creek as early as 1760.  Holly Spring continued as a Preparative Meeting until the 18th day of the 4th month, 1818, when we became a Monthly Meeting with many of our people being the offspring of the early Quakers who worked through Christ to set up the meeting.


We presently worship in the fourth Meeting House, constructed in 1959.  More recently,  the Family Life Center was constructed in 1995.   In 1996 an addition was made to the education wing and the library was constructed.


This is a digitally altered photo of the current meetinghouse and graveyard with a picture of the 3rd meetinghouse sitting in it orignial location.

About Friends...

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